Located just north of Taos on the highway to Taos Ski Valley in New Mexico, the Tarleton Ranch property has been a working cattle ranch and hay farm, owned and maintained by the same family for over three generations. The Tarleton Family is planning on developing their 319 acre property with a variety of mixed uses, in a manner that preserves approximately 113 acres of open space for agriculture and recreation.

Tarleton Ranch Eco-Village Concept

The proposed master plan concept offers a Permaculture based evolution of the existing Tarleton Ranch into a vibrant mixed-use eco-village designed to generate its own renewable energy, produce its own food, purify its waste water for farm irrigation reuse, maximize open space amenities with clustered development, provide enhanced ecosystem biodiversity, promote environmentally conscious green building construction and contribute a net zero carbon footprint opportunity to the health of our planet for future generations. 
Surrounding a regeneratively sustainable 113 acre eco-farm park designed to provide bountiful localized nutrient rich organic food, recreation and cultural enrichment, the 206 acre Tarleton Ranch Eco-Village uniquely offers local businesses, residents and visitors an opportunity for healthy sustainable lifestyles of live, work and play.  
Environmentally Conscious Eco-VIllage
The unique interdisciplinary village planning incorporates principles and concepts of Traditional Neighborhood Design (TND), New Urbanism, New Ruralism, Agricultural Neighborhood “Agrihood” Design, Passive & Active Renewable Energy Design, Green Building Design and Permaculture Science in a manner similar to successful communities like Seabrook (Washington), Lookout (Washington), The Sea Ranch (California), Village Homes (California), Agritopia (Arizona) and Whisper Valley (Texas). 
Building on a solid foundation of the Tarleton Family heritage and wonderful Taos traditions, the Tarleton Ranch Eco-Village master plan proposal for this unique 319 acre property offers a blueprint for a new level of environmentally-sensitive community development.

The Tarleton Ranch Eco-Village Commercial Center (Village Center) has been master planned to include opportunities to purchase and develop 94 commercial lots for a variety of commercial uses.

Tarleton Ranch Eco-Village is made up of 5 residential neighborhood clusters with a variety of housing types: single family, townhomes, patio homes, courtyard homes, small homes and live/works. The residential neighborhoods surround the permaculture farm and includes a commercial Village Center district.

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